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    Established in 2007, Shenzhen Amei Brothers Plastic Company . Is a modern manufacturing enterprise specializing in the production of vacuum blister packaging, hollow blister box, plastic blister box and blister blister box.
    Has passed is09000-2015 international quality embodiment certification, automotive industry IATF16949, and other relevant certification.
    The company has experienced mold designers, equipment operating engineers and product design engineers and high-quality management personnel, can quickly and accurately provide sample production and mass production.
    The company is equipped with a series of new full-speed vacuum suction machine, Taiwan full-automatic large scale vacuum suction machine, heavy plate tray suction machine, CNC late fine engraving machine, punch, folding machine, saw, polishing machine, trimming machine and other advanced equipment.
    With the requirements of customers and the competition in the market, our company has independently developed a number of new automatic equipment, with the national invention patent and the application of new patent technology.
    At present, the technical secondary school has a strong cost advantage over the heavy industry packaging scheme, which ensures the precision and schedule of sample production and mass production, saves manpower and material resources greatly, and effectively controls the cost of products.
    The company's main products are: packing boxes, coaming boxes, charging piles, blister trays, automotive interior accessories, medical equipment large shell, transportation and packaging solutions. Its advantage lies in the size and bearing can be customized, according to the product placement to design and stack.
    Shenzhen yamei third brother blister co., LTD. Can blister processing 0.14-15mm thick materials (such as ABS HIPS PP PMMA PC HDPE PVCPETG, etc.) and a variety of import □ composite materials, with advanced equipment and strong technical force,
    Can meet the different customer a variety of forms of blister packaging products requirements. In order to meet the high quality technical requirements of our customers, our vacuum blister molds are mainly made of precision CNC steel and aluminum blister molds, which also provide high strength
    Resin mold production. In addition to the new processing methods and the spirit of continuous innovation, try the new method of the concept, so that we in the packaging industry vacuum blister molding product quality in the industry always in the leading position.

    The company vision
    Our business philosophy
    Create a bright future with plastic and provide all large shell solutions to satisfy customers
    To provide professional logistics packaging solutions to meet customer needs, for customers to save costs, improve efficiency, reduce inventory and save space
    Improve logistics planning in supply chain management, recycle resources repeatedly to reduce waste, protect the environment and reduce pollution, and advocate the efficiency, standardization and universality of logistics circulation